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1. Generally, how does the website work for an artist/gallery?

Initially, the artist clicks on "Join Us", selects a membership package and signs up to the terms of business which apply to artists. The artist then uploads onto the site as many items of artwork as is permitted by the membership level they have bought (if they want to, they can upload just one piece of art).

The artist will then create their own personal artist's profile and make all uploaded artistry viewable and available for sale.

The artist should sign in to Arttraffic regularly. If the artist sells a work of art, they will arrange for it to be tagged as sold.

When a buyer purchases a piece of art, Arttraffic will upon receipt of the purchase price in cleared funds notify the artist and contact them with the buyerr's address.

The artist will be obliged to package the item safely (the Arttraffic "Blog" gives minimum guidelines in a video on how to package art safely, although the artist will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the packaging).

The artist will send the packaged work to the buyer. Upon successful receipt by the buyer of the work, Arttraffic will pay the artist the received purchase price, less Arttraffic’s commission.

More information on how the website operates, and on users’ rights and obligations, can be found in the site’s Terms of use

2. What is required of me if I would like to become a member of Arttraffic?

Arttraffic is open to anyone with an interest in the arts. We provide a service that enables established, emerging and up and coming artists/galleries to upload work, broaden artistic horizons, interact and make a sale.

3. How do I showcase my art on Arttraffic?

By clicking on "Join Us", selecting a membership, filling in your information, creating your personal artist's profile and uploading photographs of your work. Your work is then on show for the rest of the world to view, admire and purchase.

4. Is there a certain process to follow when taking the photos of the art for upload?

Ideally, yes. Arttraffic recommends that, in order to give a viewer the best view and understanding of the artwork, the art should be pictured outside in daylight, with a good quality camera but without a flash.

5. What type of artwork is available for showcase?

All respectable types of artwork are accepted at Arttraffic. From paintings to sculptures, jewelry to prints, we welcome any form of self-expression for showcasing and/or sale. Because we have to balance our artists’ rights of self-expression with our users’ expectations, we may in certain circumstances have to check and even remove works from the art: you can find more about this in our Terms of use.

6. Does Arttraffic acquire ownership of the copyright in the artwork?

No: unless Arttraffic specifically buys copyright in an artwork, it will not obtain or expect to obtain copyright in any work as a result of the work’s being uploaded and displayed on the site.

7. How do I get paid when I sell a piece of art?

The artist will receive a check or bank transfer from Arttraffic once the buyer has received the artwork and is happy with their purchase. Arttraffic will deduct its commission from the payment made to the Artist.

8. What if a piece of art is damaged when the buyer receives the piece of art?

Upon notification of any damage to Arttraffic, Arttraffic will contact the artist. The artist will be responsible for taking up any claim with the courier service and its insurers. Upon the work being returned by the buyer, Arttraffic will refund the buyer.

Usually this process happens before Arttraffic has forwarded to the artist the buyer’s original payment, but in the rare event that Arttraffic has already paid the artist, the artist will be required to refund the payment to Arttraffic to allow Arttraffic to refund the buyer.

9. Can I sell a piece of art independently if I have already uploaded it onto Arttraffic?

Yes, our members are free to sell their work elsewhere whilst their work is on the site. If this happens, however, the artist must edit his or her profile immediately by removing the upload or attaching a "Sold" tag beside the sold piece of art.

10. How do I know when my art is sold? And what do I do when this happens?

When art is sold on the site, Arttraffic will notify the artist of the buyer's address, and, at that point, the art should be packaged and then be posted to the buyer's address and the artist will receive his or her money when the art is received and accepted.

When artwork has been sold, the artist must edit their profile and attach a "Sold" tag beside the sold piece of art or remove it from the site.

11. Should the artist include their address when they are distributing the artwork to the buyer?

Yes. If the buyer is not happy with the artwork and wants to return it, he or she must have the seller's address in order to do so.

12. Can a buyer return a piece of art if it does not meet their initial expectations?

In a large number of jurisdictions, local law allows a period after purchase in which the buyer can return certain goods: for example, the UK’s Distance Selling Regulations. Where such laws apply, Arttraffic offers a guarantee that if you are unhappy with the work and return it within a 14 day period, you can claim a refund.

This right is subject to a number of conditions, which are explained in the buyer’s terms which you will be asked to accept as part of purchasing your chosen work of art (and which you should read carefully).

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