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Showcase Piece

by Aarron Asedo Designs

materials // 18" x 36" x 62"
This item is not supplied framed

£4,555.00, €5,623.11, $7,353.34

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Inspired from boat construction, Palm was created to narrow the gap between furniture found in the studio market versus designs that are sold in mass production. The early design stage concentrated on the capabilities of steam bending and experimented with different materials. Through research, the importance of the CNC tooling was established, and transformed Palm into a modern innovation. The advances in computer 3D modeling allowed for the table to be offered at two price points; the higher price point can be milled from beech or walnut wood, and the lower price point can be milled from 3/4 sheet stock. Both materials lend themselves to different aesthetics, which are successful at both price points. Shown here is the Studio Market version.


‘Nessy’ // 74" x 22" x 20" // material


‘Oak & Ink’ // 32" x 15" x 18.5" // material


‘Loops’ // 56" x 22" x 18.5" // material