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Art Traffic offers young or established artists the opportunity to showcase their art on a local and global platform. Our primary aim is to help emerging artists sell their product and by doing so help them to remain independent, develop their talent and establish themselves at home and abroad.

This simple clear concept, initiated by Ciaran McGuigan in 2009, has seen Art Traffic develop from being an idea driven by a passion for art into a fully fledged business proposal. Art Traffic now have 2 core offices in Ireland and Savannah USA. An albeit small but non-the-less dedicated team Art Traffic are intent on unearthing and promoting new art talent on a global scale.

McGuigan says ‘I had a simple idea born out of my own personal frustration of not being able to access art that I felt represented me and my peers, or, art that I felt I had a personal connection to. After much research and dialogue with local artists, I discovered that many, particularly younger artists were struggling to break into the marketplace or find a dedicated platform where they felt comfortable about showcasing their work in a business capacity.’

Many of our current artists we approached ourselves, this is a key ingredient in our business model and something that has been there from day one, that is, our own personal desire to unearth ‘something new’. The artists recognise this passion, there is a big element of trust involved on both sides and I think the artists like that personal touch. Obviously we our a small team and we can’t be everywhere at once, but through networking, the website and social media we are capable of opening Art Traffic to a wider audience not only in terms of artists approaching us, but also in attracting art buyers.

The buying and selling of the art is something that we take seriously and many artists, particularly the younger talent rely on our knowledge and expertise in helping with pricing, particularly on the world stage. Of course they can set their own prices, but again, it comes down to the personal touch, we know every piece of work and we will often offer our advice. It’s in everyones best interests to sell the art.

McGuigan acknowledges that it’s time consuming and difficult to ‘keep it personal’ particularly with the artists, but suggests that it is key to the success of Art Traffic.

‘So far it appears that we are getting the balance right, The feedback suggests that both the artists and buyers feel they can trust us, they see our passion for the work and enjoy our honest approach, all of which leads to a better rounded experience. Our network of artists and buyers is growing at a steady pace, we have just sold our 200th piece and the enquiries we are receiving show us that we are attracting many more people interested in buying original art.’

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Ciaran McGuigan / Creative Director

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